Nikos Apartments - (Accommodation in Sami)

Katy P          9/10

I have to say after reading some of the comments on this website AFTER I had booked my holiday I was a fraction worried.......especially when I arrived in Kafelonia to be given a key to my room which turned out to be the dreaded No.11!!!!! Having read the comments on this website I had a very panicy coach journey to Sami worried what horrors may await me.
I can happily confirm that my fiancee and I had the most amazing holiday, we had no complaints with regards to the apartment, everyone we had the pleasure of speaking to was more than pleasant and accomodating so much so that we are flying out there for the second time in two years.
And I have no idea what all this nonsence is about the dog, when we visited the dog was tied up which is very normal for Greece (I have been to greece about 30 times) and the dog always have plenty of water and was very well taken care of!!
I reccommend the Nikos apartments and Sami to anyone wishing for a relaxing enjoyable holiday!!