Metaxatos Studios - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Marianna M

I am really very sorry for all the inconvinience caused last summer to Mr. Woodruff's family during their stay at Metaxatos Apartments. I deeply apologise Mr. Woodruff for all the problems you have had.  Our aim is our guests to be satisfied and happy and we do our best for it. Last year it happened our family to have to be away for most of the time during summer and this was the main reason for some problems not to be handled the best possible way.

For summer 2007 everything has been taken care for, we have renovated all bathrooms and kitchenettes in the studios, so there will be no problems of this type any more. We shall also be here at the premises to serve you better and meet your needs. We run these apartments for many years we never had serious problems in the contrary we have many satisfied customers who come year after year.


This year the place is better than ever waiting to welcome you. Looking forward to meet all of you who are planning to stay with us, I wish everybody safe flights.


P.S. I am also very sorry for what happened to Mrs Paula Duckworth. This is something between her and Olympic Holidays and we have nothing to do whatsoever. If it was up to me I would have found a way to accomodate her baby without problems.