C.B.R.(Avis) - (Car Rental on Kefalonia)

Gary M           

Just returned from Skala on Sunday 15th Sept 2002. I hired a car from Makis (manager of CBR) for 10 days, including the full CDW insurance. 5 days into the hire I had a minor accident, involving a big dustbin while reversing and trying to avoid hitting a cat at the same time :( In summary, Makis took back the car, and refused to issue either another car or a refund. He gave varying reasons on different days for his actions. One reason was the contract was with THAT car and now that car is off the road for a month the contract is invalid. Incidentally the car that was meant to be off the road for a month was the same car they drove us back to the hotel in, dented wing and broken light was all. To see the damage and a picture of Makis with his croonies go here http://www.gmleo.co.uk/makis-CBR-e.jpg Makis is the one onthe right. Another reason is that although we were there with JMC, we went direct to CBR, so according to him they have two seperate insurance policies... one for JMC and one for direct. The direct one doesnt cover accidents not involving another car, or person. WHat this quite means I have no idea, but it sounds like if I'd run over someone I'd have a new car right away! In the end I asked for a proof of proof that he'd kept the car, refused a refund or a new car and he would not even do this for me. I then wrote out my own letter asking him to sign it, just the facts...again he refused, saying that he "will get 55 witness statments (although there were no witnesses) saying it was my fault, and one I sign them then will then sign my letter of proof". I must confess that I lost the plot at this time and actually used the F word when saying "Don't you get F***ing smart with me".... to which he then threw myself and my partner from his office threating the police and DVLA in Swansea and anything else his feeble little mind could think of at the time. CBR are backed by AVIS, and I've spoken to AVIS here in the UK yesterday who are trying to track the incident and will get back to me. All in all, I can't really recommend CBR to anyone, for any reason. If I were you I'd use Greekstones round the corner, they are cheaper, friendlier and honest. They do offer full insurance, and for an xtra couple of Euros a day you can have insurance for the tyres & (I think) underside of the car.