Drosopege - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Helen F           

I went to Alexanders three times in my 2 week holiday (just returned last night). Ioannis, the head waiter who has moved over from Melbourne, was extremely friendly, as was Pedro (Albanian)and Chris (Greek). I found that on the 'Greek Nights', Cephalonians came to the restaurant specifically to enjoy their dancing - at one point the whole back row of the restaurant was filled with people waiting to dance, heir ages ranging from their mid 40s through to their 80s. That to me says how genuine the atmosphere is that 'Jonno' and the team have created - they have passion in what they do. I am thinking of booking another week before the end of the season just so go and say hello to the guys and eat their food - although I'm on my own there is no problem with just sitting, eating, watching and dancing! I would thoroughly recommend it.