Antonia Studios - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Marcus C           

The problem I had with the Antonia was really with the rep (also called Antonia). She was one of the rudest people I have EVER come across. I was holidaying with my wife & daughter (aged 14 months). We made sure that a travel cot was to be provided, and indeed there was one there when we arrived. The cot didn't extend fully & appeared to be broken. Antonia wasn't working that day, so we decided to make do for the night. The following day, I called Antonia and asked politely for a replacement cot, Antonia said that there was nothing wrong with the cot & that if we wanted a replacement we would have to pay a fee. I told her that this was not acceptable & she said she would come to the apartment that afternoon.
On returning to the apartment from the beach some time later, my wife was met by Antonia who proceeded to shout at her in the car park - honestly I have never seen anything like it! I guided her away from my wife & tried to reason with her, whereapon she came out with the most ridiculous accusations & falsehoods - namely;
i) We hadn't ordered a cot & she had only provided one on her own initiative (?)
ii) Our daughter must have had broken the cot.
iii) We must have broken the cot.
iv) The apartments are not meant to accomadate small children.
All this was shouted at me, I kept having to ask her to calm down. Well we got the cot, made a formal complaint (we never heard anything back), and never got an apology from her, or anyone else. There was another mother & child staying in the apartments who had also had serious issues with Antonia, it wasn't just us.
I am still shocked when I think about her behaviour. What a deeply, deeply unpleasant person.
Lourdas was lovely, by the way!