Barbara Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Susi J           

Couldn't help noticing Sally Hughes' comments about staying in Barbara studios and getting moved on the second week if you complain enough!!  I Love your optimism Sally, especially if Robert the Rep can get 70 Euro out of you.  My advice to anyone arriving in Barbara's and getting a room on the ground floor (in the studios, not the Annexe) is to simply walk round until you find a key in a door - that will be an empty apartment waiting for someone else - Just make it yours and let Robert deal with it, he doesn't seem to have much else to all day.  We have written to Airtours detailing the state of the state of the accommodation on our first week and the attitude of the Rep - they don't wanna know.  My advice is find another tour operator.

hi to all the great people we met there.  Susi & Jim