Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Scott H           

I have just returned from a holiday in Scala staying at the Andreas II. I do not usually bother to post comments on websites bet felt I had to this time due to our experiences at the apartments and to help anyone make a decision to / not to stay there.

Firstly, there is a huge difference between Andreas I and Andreas II; they share the same complex, look similar but are the Andreas II are generally not as nice, e.g. the Andreas II apartments are smaller, further away from the pool, are generally not in as nice a position Our had almost a building site outside and the shower didn't even have a shower head holder! 

Secondly, the owner Elisabeth. I'm sure you will read through this site and find comments praising her, (probably repeat visitors / her!!), and find negative comments about her attitude and rules. I'm afraid I fit into the latter category of having a negative opinion of our experience as I found her rude and aggressive. We were spied on, shouted at and questioned about why we wouldn't let the cleaner in when we had had a lie in until 10-00am, (mid week not the last day). Sorry I though I was on holiday to relax not be questioned!!! 

Reading through the comments I am coming to the conclusion she does not want people younger than 30 or so, or with kids at her apartments - Fine but it should say so in the brochure!!!

 If you are young, (and I mean circa 30yrs old or younger), or have kids of any age.... STAY AWAY!! You will not be made to feel welcome and will not enjoy your stay. I hope this helps make a decision for you and will even make Elisabeth and her little set of website chums happy by keeping us young, but well meaning, groups away! 

 PS - don't read too much into comments around the BBQs - it 15 each! You can eat far nicer food in the town for that!