Aristomenis Studios - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Bob W           

Whilst the accommodation itself was excellent, the location heaven, and the holiday experience was very good, this was in spite of, rather than because of the owners of the studios. If you were not part of their clique of friends. previous guests, and slavishly loyal poolside bar visitors, you were basically not worth knowing. The idea that you might like to know what the weather had in store, as you wanted to plan what to do with yourself whilst there, was met with derision. 'I don't bother with the weather forecast, and you shouldn't either.' was the extent of " Steve's " attempt at 'customer service.' I very definitely agree with the negative views on the hosts. Beautiful accommodation, which they make me unwilling to visit again. They, in my opinion, have been spoiled by spending the 'off season' living in New York, a part of the US famed for the 'less than amiable' attitude of some of its residents. The American phrase about the customer being king has definitely not been passed on to the owners at this establishment. To be worthy of even being noticed when turning up at the poolside bar, you need to have no interest whatsoever in venturing outside the boundary fence to buy any drink or food. Heaven forbid that you might want to take same, and consume it on your balcony. Sacrilege.