Pelagos Bay Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Deborah S           

John and I have just come back from a wonderful weeks holiday at Pelagos Bay, from the moment you walk in through the door you feel you are amongst friends and very relaxed.  Billy, Barbara, Yanis and Vassoula are determined that you should enjoy yourselves and you do, the hospitality is second to none

Every aspect of the hotel is well cared for and clean, and anyone who has complained about the noise in the evening are either simply misguided or boring old f*rts   Shut the patio door and you don't hear a thing, well we didn't, but then we were probably one of the last to go to bed


The food is excellent, a must is the Club Sandwich, and one of the best nights you will experience is the BBQ night, food cooked by Billy and crew is excellent, but you do need an empty stomach because they don't like waste!!  The evening is followed by excellent entertainment and laughs abound, but be prepared to end up in the pool, just don't go commando like my husband with his wet trousers sticking to him as he climbed back out


If you want a quieter night, try an evening with Yanis to CHILL and RELAX, but be prepared to wear one of his wigs or beer goggles


You meet lots of people from all walks of life, but all with one thing in common to have fun!  People like Rachel and Stuart (from Saff Londan!), Tony and Carole, Tim and Julie and Dave and Amanda to name just a few, and the kind of people you hope to stay in touch with. Infact some of us are already planning a reunion, much to Billy's despair probably.  John and I have already booked for 2 weeks next July and we had only been back 3 days.


My only complaint is that eventually you do have to return to reality, and it feels like a penance  I even cried on the coach back to the Airport. 


I don't want to continue praising this fantastic place anymore, because then everyone will know and find out for themselves, and when we come to book again there will be no room at the Inn.