Minas Studios - (Accommodation in Lassi)


We went to Minas studios last October and it was only when I got back and found this site (while looking for this years hol !) that I thought I would respond.  We had ... Room 11 !!!! ... I can see what people are saying - it was a bit dark and backed onto cleaners room ... but I enjoyed the privacy and the view of the orange tree .. we had great company in the people staying in number 10 .. in fact were are meeting them in Greece again this year ! When you go self-catering you can expect the minimum and I thnk we got more than that.  Lets face facts - when you go self catering you don't spend a lot of time in the place- it suited us fine.  October is the end of season but loads of places are still open and it's nice that everywhere isn't packed.  The noise from the bar next door (in October) is minimal and it's a great place to stay ... I always try a different island but if I went back to Kef (which I hope to do) I would stay there again.