Nikos Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Robert B           

i went to Nikos Studios July 2005 and i had sucha great time, i honestly loved it there. the place was lovely, the views were outstanding, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the people were all very friendly and helpful. i think the bad thing about that holiday was thta i wish i hadnt have taken my girlfriend (at that time), as she spoilt what was such a great time away. the location was a great spot - i mean i was able to keep myself fit by walking to the shops without doing something that was un-doable. the pool there was lurvely. it was cleaned every night (and i know this coz i watched them - not on purpose). all in all i have not got a single bad thing to say about this place it was a trully fantastic time and want to come and visit again.

oh yer and Nikos you are the man - cheers dude!