Antonia Studios - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Sue C           

Returned back from Kef. in Lourdas on 26 Aug, stayed at Antonia Apt.  Agree with everything said,

altho we had a terrace (rooms only allocated on arrival), views still excellent, but as just daughter and
I travelling, felt a bit vulnerable at nights, because it was too hot, would've gone on balcony if had one.
Yes, Makis is mad as everyone says and I agree does favour customers who are prepared to spend
money in his bar, altho he is in business granted, but I did feel a bit upset when one day I was waiting
to be served at bar and he was giving out bunches of grapes to everyone but me!, obviously people
who were spending money, altho not the way to win new paying guests I thought!  Having said that
he was very sweet and lovely with my daughter!  The BBQ was good value at 10 euros each, and a
good fun night!
You must have a car and nerves of steel on those mountain roads!  We saw and took part in two
religous festivals, one on the Feast of the Assumption 15th at Markopolous, not far from Lourdes!
Extremely moving, little snakes are brought out, the story goes they are nuns returning after they
were persecuted there, look it up as it is extremely moving.  Also St Gerrasimos the next day,
what an experience that was!!!
I loved the north of the island, Fiskardo in particular.  We went on the Onassis Dream Cruise,
it really was excellent, a swim off his island of Skorpios!  However, the coach trip back down
from the top of the island was like a white knuckle ride!!!  thanks Dimitri!!  He was very intimidating
of the other cars, especially a little Smart car in front who had four cars in front of him, Dimitri
eventually overtook him on a bend!  Nightmare, don't know about dream cruise, nightmare coach trip
back, I would meet the boat if I ever went again!  Which I would love to.
The Antonia was clean, fantastic views and the pool and bar were great, spoilt slightly for me as I don]t
care for football and we had some football mad boys there - no rules around the pool and communal
areas. playing it on the grass outside our apartments, they weren't aggressive, but a bit more consideration
for people who are there to relax by the pool wouldn't go amiss!
Restaurants were all pretty good, especially Lorraines, Magic Hill up from the beach at Lourdas and
Spiros, which has been mentioned, very sweet guy.
Dogs and cats very friendly.  Altho one poor dog had what looked like an infection in his eyes, needs
treatment, so any vets out there!
Two weeks was perhaps a bit long, maybe ten days next time!  I am missing the lovely sunshine and
scenery, perhaps not the intense heat, altho love my tan!
Hi Jacqui and fam!!!  You really made the end of our holiday, we had a good laugh didn't we?   
CILLIT BANG!!!!  How's your boy?!
Love Sue & Lucy   Sure we will be back in Kef one day, beautiful island and loved the cruise!