Marietta Studios - (Accommodation in Skala)

Eve P           

Whilst we liked Skala I wont be returning to the Marietta Studios, I thought the owners were unfriendly and unreasonable. Abruptly shown to our room on arrival, no 'hello how was your journey?' Despite the pool being empty much of the time we were not allowed to use lilos, the rep had told us that two or three would be ok but that was not the case. The pool area was nice but very crowded and the toilet block by the pool was very dirty. The rooms were adequate, bed was hard and the self catering facilites did not include kettle, only two ring hob and fridge. Often kept awake at night with the sound of barking dogs and people coming in late. Skala is full of Britsh tourists and it felt quite commercialised. The tavernas bring the courses out fast so not quite the place for drawn out meals. Only one ATM luckily for us it worked fine.