Lorraines Magic Hill - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Rebecca B           

The view from Lorraines was spectacular which unfortunately is not what can be said about the food!

An extensive menu but each meal that we selected was severely lacking in taste.  The Terryaki Chicken consisted of a tough, overcooked piece of poultry with some Terryaki style gravy.  My husband had Chicken Breast stuffed with Feta and Spinach (allegedly!!) - he has now been put off of spinach and feta for life!  I ordered chips with my dish (I had had my fill of Greek Baked Potato) although when I politely pointed this out to Lorraine on receipt of my dish with the wrong order - I was met with an eery silence.  I hastely added that of course I would be more than happy to simply eat what I had been given....more eery silence coupled with a look that could kill.
In fairness the rest of the staff were very friendly.  Perhaps Lorraine was having an 'off day'?!?
On summary - my family will not be returning to Lorraines. 
For the rest of the holiday we ate at Trafalli (just before Lara Hotel going up the hill) where we received a more welcoming service and better food.