Lovidis Village - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Livvy K           

I stayed with 2 other family members in lovides studios in Lourdas and we found the apartments were clean and OK to sleep 3. the staff there are friendly and laid-back and don't care if you take a quick dip at 4 in the morning ( i reccomend this!!)

me and family are interested on coming back to Lovides - as it is the best; suitable for anyone : familys, couples or just by yourself you will have a great time and enjoy the mountins behind your apartment and the beautiful clear sea in front of you! The pool is a great size and is heated by the sun so be warned!!
i would reccomend Lovides to anyone and miss it a lot (also missing great weather...not fair!!) but take my advice to thoughrouly enjoy your time in kefalonia. VIST : LAKE MESSALINNI, DROGATI CAVES, ST GERISSAMOS,  CASE DE BLUE, LORDAS DIAMOND, AND I WOULD SUGGEST GOING TO LOURDAS BEACH BUT ONLY THE BRAVE SHOULD ATTEMPT GOING THE WAY UP...TRUST ME!! (my legs are still hurting from that killer hill hahah just kidding)
wont forget all the friends (and animals) we met: Jen, Frankie, Jon the key hider, Izzy, lauren, joe  paul,  simon, hobby, zak (hope your knee is ok?), katarina, the dog!!!, and frank the cat :)