Elisa Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

John A           

Our family have just returned from our holiday at the Elisa Apartments, Skala.  The apartments were regulary kept clean, although you are expected to empty your own bins in the communal rubbish bins partly down the hill.  The gardens were beautiful and well kept.  We had a great, spacious balcony with a lovely sea view.  We stayed in a 2 storey maisonette.  No air conditioning is available, so hiring a fan is essential - the apartment was extremely hot and stuffy.  The bathroom was typically Greek!  You bang the sink when you open the door and the shower soaks everything!  The lighting was very poor and electric sockets were sparce.  There is no kettle.  The main mirror was hanging off the wall and was placed under the staircase with poor light.  You are expected to hang your washing on a communal washing line.  The main steps leading through the gardens down to the road were fenced off, so it appeared a longer route having to go down the hill.  The road was very badly maintained and very steep so you if you hire a car watch out for the tyres.

The nearest supermarket is quite a hike, especially when you have to walk back up the steep hill with supplies of water and provisions. 

The beach is only a five minute walk down the hill, the main village square of Skala (and supermarket) is about 2-3km.  The village of Skala is great and has everything without being too commercial.  The beach is beautiful, the sea is really clear with lots of fish, although it does get deep quickly.

The owner of the apartments (Lucia) could not speak a word of English and was always shouting. Her manner was rude and aggressive and I cannot understand how she can run a business with this attitude. However her daughter was very pleasant.

In all, we really enjoyed our holiday in Skala and would return here, however, not to these apartments.  The Elisa was better suited to young couples, not families.