Olive Garden Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Stephanie S           

oh my god i loved it there! . im 16 and i went there with my boyfriend and his family! his aunt was gettin married so we went there for the wedding! .... im english but also half greek from my grandfarther i have never met him but wis i could and see what the greek life was lik! i thought kefelonia was such a lovly pretty place! i didi not noo what the apparemnts would look lik as i never got to find a ppicture on the internt ............... but when i got there i thought it was such a lovly place to stay! the pool was great and the apparments was lovly but the view was amazing and oh my god at night u see the moonlght shine on the sea it was lovly but was made it fun was nick the barman i told him bout my grandad and he as so good to talk tp andd ful of information he is just a checky greek man! my boyfriend deffiantly took a liking to him! he was very friendly ans let us around the bar to help with ordering and gicing food out!

i promise who ever reads this is food was the best we planed to ggo out everynight to eat but the minute we tasted the food we went straight back up to nick and he made us dinner the lunch and everything was great i got back to days a go  and the food here does not even compare to was he does i miss nick so much it may be sad but he was such a friendly happy person and his bbq was great he is a hard woker and the quizs were funni when im 18 me and my boyfirend want to go back just to see him and stay there
i cried when i left ...... sad i no!   but when i was there alot of people who i spoke was there like ther 5ht time! 
i just want u lot to no that this place is really good!  the acves were nice and oh my god the beaches was clean the water sports was very funni  and you have to go tot the bars there there lovly adn so relaxing i loved the greek dancer please go there and if u see nick say tom and stef say hi! ................................