Erietta Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Nathan J           

Having booked a last min deal, we were unsure what to expect.

We were greated by Makis havin landed roughly 20 mins earlier at the airport, only 2 mins down the road. After showing us how to work a light switch, and strictly warning us to leave the air con off if we were not in the room, we went to the bar by the pool and were closley followed by the rest of the group just dropped off.
All was well until he started to make you feel guilty for not going to bed as the sun went down. We made some good friendships that evening and are still in touch with the people now.
The only really bad thing about the stay was having a night flight back and not being able to keep at least one of the rooms on, one of our friends was feeling very ill and he had a complete lack of sympathy for her, going on his siesta and locking the only public loo up. We got in touch with our First Choice rep who was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
The only other point I would make is dont leave anything electrical on as he will turn the electric off to your room and make you feel very very gulity for using what you have paid for.