Spiros Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Terry R           

My husband and I visited Lourdas between the 3rd and 17th July. We tried Spiros on the first night and liked it, the service was a bit slow but that was because we had just arrived and were used to the fast pace of English Life. People who moan about the service need to remember that they are in Greece whats the rush you are on holiday Chill out!!!. We tried a few other resturants, but appart from Denis's, which we needed to get a taxi to, Spiros was definately the best and we ate there most nights. Spiros was a lovely man and his family were very helpful and friendly too. At the end of the holiday we thought that the food was coming too fast as we had chilled out and was on Greek time. Thanks ever so much for the great food and the complimentary bottle of Ouzo.