Bellavista Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Christopher M           

We thought the appartments where nice, yes the Bella Vista does seem the poor cousin to Panorama, BUT the Bella Vista has Air Con, where as the Panorama does not, nice and relaxing, but as with most Greek Islands you do need a car, up over the hill, past the Italian war memorial into Agastoli takes only a few miniuites in the car, and is an easy drive back at night.

The appartments where clean and everything worked, you even get a saftey deposit box in your room free of charge. there is a quite nice beach just past the lighthouse going towards Agastoli on the bottom road, is seems quite sheltered and shallow forthe kids, seems like some of the locals use it as well.
My only moan for want of a better word, was the pool open times 10:30 till 6, so if you want a swim before brekkie or after you have returned from a hot day out forget it, and for some strange reason the guy IS obsesive about showering BEFORE entering the pool, I have no idea why, if he thinks it will wash off your suntan lotion well 90% now are water proof and will not come off with a quick sprinkle under a cold shower, don't understand the reasoning behind this obsesion, still, we where never on time for the pool any way, bar once!!!
As for pushing beds together, we did and nobody said a word, just seperated them before we left on departure day.