Erietta Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Debbie P           

Our holiday began nicely, Makis was pleasant enough and we couldn't understand why so many bad reviews.... Until the third day that is!!!  We were 2 girls on holiday, wanting a quiet peacful holiday.  Makis turned nasty when my friend kept saying no to his advances.  He kept on asking her daily until we could not bear it any longer.  In the end he refused to sell us water, unless I was the one that went to the bar, and not my friend.  Even though he was being arrogant and nasty, he still didn't give up.  The apartments are clean and the pool area very nice and if you stick to his rules then I don't think you would have a problem with him unless you are girls rejecting his advances!!!! We were very well behaved and quiet, caused no trouble but yet we still saw the angry side of Makis.  He also gave us a row in front of guests for leaving slight make-up on our towels and refused to give us any more.

Although it is close to the airport, you don't really notice the noise.  Only a few flights a day, and you will be out most of the day anyway.  Sunday was the busiest day for flights though.
I would recommend Svoronata as the place to stay (Erietta is in Minies) Kefalonia is stunning and I would definately go back but never would return to the Mean Makis!! Thanks for ruining our time there!!