Marina Bay Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

June S           

We stayed at the Marina Bay Studios in August 2003. We were a group of 2 middle aged and one youngish woman and 2 children aged 11 and 8. On arrival it was as though we`ddied and gone to heaven, it was so beautiful and peaceful. It`s only fair to add though that some extra apartments were being built at the time, so can`t comment on how peaceful it is now. To say that it was August and extremely hot, we were surprised to find that we had the pool mostly to ourselves whenever we used it, but we did go out quite a lot. As people have said, it was a very steep and rough hike up to the main road, but we took a taxi whenever we went into Skala, as I`m not that agile. Trouble was, because of the state of the track, only one taxi firm, with 2 beat up Mercedes, would come down to Mounda, which gave them carte blanche to charge whatever they liked, they would also not take us all in 1 taxi journey, so 3 of us would go, then have to wait for the other 2 to be collected! The studios were very nice and clean, only gripe being not very well equipped for cooking, but we managed. And we  couldn`t have been nearer to the beach if we`d tried. I`d love to go back again, as Kefalonia is like a special bitof Paradise