Filoxenia Studios - (Accommodation in Katelios)


hiya, i went to the apartments last summer (july 05), we all wasnt looking forward to it at all because of the comments! there was 6 of us in total, we had the rooms above the bar, and we have to say that they were the best ones for the views in the morning, and felt like the biggest!!

looking at all the comments, i would say that they are highly untrue, and dont sound like the same apartments that we all stayed in!! the woman at the bar, was lovely, she was very polite and always had time for you, and her friends didnt turn up when we were at the apartments; her husband was the most helpful, polite, caring person we had met on holiday and went night-after-night to his restaurant on the sea front (Medusa) and always got served by him, as he was constantly checking to see if anything was ok, and if he could do anything to help. their sons made an appearance at the pool and obviously had a great time splashing about, and jumping in, but they're kids!! what do you expect??! they werent annoying and didnt speak english to us while we were there, but on the last day we gave (the littlest) our lilo's and rubber rings and his face lit up!! (his mother did say a big thank you)
we had no problems with the apartment but the hill was a bit of a treck! but it was easy enough walking down for your evening meal, as the sun was setting, and added to the holidays, even walking up the hill was an adventure!
we would highly recommend the island tours!! (the all day one with the caves, and the winery etc) was great fun and great picture oppourtunity's!! the rep was helpful and very pleasent too. 

overall a great holiday !! would go to Kelfelonia again, and at the same apartments!!