Grand View Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Amy R           

We spent 2 weeks at the Grand View Apartments in Lassi a year ago.  The place certainly lives up to its name - the views from the hotel are spectacular...if you are not on the ground floor.  When we first arrived we were put into apartment 13 - this was ground floor, dark, damp and grotty.  We had no balcony...there was a patio table outside our apartment door which at night attracted all the wild cats and one night a rather large dog!!  After complaining to our rep, she informed us that all the apartments were full until our second week.  We braved it and had a pretty rotten first week - it is a hell of a trek from the apartments to Lassi - i would definately recommend car hire - the cleaners are noisy and the owner is extremely loud, rude, and rather scary.  There is a small shop selling a small selection of items, although this was only open an hour a day - only if the owner could be bothered.  The pool is a good size and was pretty clean...there is a 'pool bar' which was never ever open.  In our second week we got relocated to the top floor apartments which had a fantastic view and were cleaner and airier we also hired transport and had a good chance to explore the wonderful island.  In short - island beautiful - apartments good location and nice looking - the main problems were the owner and staff - or lack of them.