Pelagos Bay Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Carol G           

Well, I am going to do this backwards.  Tony and I are going back to 'Billys House' at Pelagos Bay for the 4th time this coming September and I can hardly wait; again!!!  Everything I get when I go to Billys, is exactly what anyone wants when they go on holiday.  What I look forward to is being treated like royalty from the minute I get off the coach, being led to the bar and from there the pampering starts.  I look forward to laying by the pool, eating Greek salads everyday and having Tia Rulas pancakes on the mornings I need them.  I look forward to riding my scooter everywhere, being waved at by friendly faces, going to the Ship for lovely lazy dinners then to the bar for silly drinks and sometimes karaoke, sometimes quiet indepth converstions.  I look forward to swimming or diving in the ocean, finding a lazy boat to ride in, to discover an island somewhere, or a fast extreme one to energize myself.  On top of all this, taking a well deserved nap every afternoon either by the pool or in my cool room.  What more can I dream of.....  Hurry up September!!!!  See you guys soon.  Love,  Carolita and Tony (Silverback)