Liberatos Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

James M           

We had a superb time in Liberatos Village.  The cleanliness left something to be desired but we found 30 minutes scrubbing and wiping did the trick!  The location and views were out of this world, the hill IS STEEP but a taxi costs 5 euros so no complaints there.  George the bar tender has to be the friendliest and most generous bar tender we have ever met on holiday.. saw him in Argosoli one day and he sat with us and bought us a drink.  Olga is friendly once you get to know her and George (the owner) and Mikey are great chaps too.  The gardener (a Russian chap) has to be seen on barbecue night to be believed.. and English men think they are bad dancers!

All in all a superb holiday made better by the fact we enjoyed our stay in Liberatos Village so much.  One tip has to be to hire a car (do this through George - much cheaper) to enjoy the whole of Kefalonia.  We must add that Alex our Kosmar tour rep is a superb guy - any problems, just go to him.
For anyone that stayed whilst we did (james & katie - long haired guy and girl with the afro!) we have sent the letter of complaint about the gentleman in room 3b (BOO!) to Kosmar so he should be unable to get any compensation!
If you are after a trendy continental night out go to Argostoli, 5 euros in a taxi and a very cultured night out.
James & Katie