Efrosini Village - (Accommodation in Katelios)

Terry M           

To sum up......

Did we like Efrosini ? - It was OK

Would we recommend it ? - Probably

Would we stay there again ? - No


Firstly the pool was really nice and so were the staff.  We have stayed in Katelios many times before and the Efrosini doesn’t rate as well as others in our opinion. I know you can't expect too much from Greece but the studios were looking a bit tired inside (well our one was anyway) Reading the reviews other people have left (which are all good) I think we might of had a one off two weeks.  The music from the bar at night was clearly heard whist sat outside the studio in the evening, which was off putting.  If it wasn't the bar then it was the neighbours stereo music which annoyed me. I got woken most nights from anytime between 2am and 5:30am from people coming back from the bar. (Not Efrosini fault I know but it didn't help my mood)


The cleaning was very bad.  But in the cleaners defence I don't think she was all to blame, there simply wasn't enough hands on deck.  She was a nice lady and it was clear to see she worked long hours.  When we arrived the toilet had clearly already been used, the shower plughole was full of hair and there was food crumbs all over the floor.  This didn't really improve much either as the weeks went on.  The cleaning was quite random and consisted of a quick wipe of the floors every now and then.  The toilet bin was empty regularly though.  We didn't get clean sheets or towels during or after the first week either.


Having said all that we still enjoyed our holiday.  We will return to Katelios but not to the Efrosini Village unfortunately.