Antonia Studios - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Marianna L           

Just spent two weeks at the antonia apartments. The view from the balcony was lovely. The apartments are quite clean. Just beware if the owner puts his sprinkler on you wont get a shower if you are lucky enough to it will be boiling hot water. The owner is friendly but only because he wants you to spend money in his over priced pool bar. If you dont buy drinks from there hes not too friendly. The maid is his sister and she walks in your room smoking a cigarette and has very bad body odour. We had a lovey holiday in kefalonia as a whole the island is lovely. We expected greece to be basic but not to shower with a pan or bottle of mineral water. If you complain the owner dosnt do any thing. He also stores lots of fans in hes room which is on the ground floor we realised this on the last day as we saw them in there. The rooms are very hot and stuffy at night and you cant sleep. When we asked him about the fans on the last day he just said you cant have them cost too much electric. These apartments could be made a lot better if the owner sorts out the plumbing and isnt so tight on the electric. Also just to add when somone goes a toilet ther whole building vibrates as there is a very bad airlock in the system theres also a problem with is underground boiler system which also sounds like another earthquakes hittling the island.