Marina Studios - (Accommodation in Skala)

Anne C           

Just returned from Skala - avoid the Marina if you can, we ended up renting a studio at the Villa Bianca up the road so we could get on with enjoying the holiday. Not only are the rooms barely big enough to swing a cat in (not even a Greek cat), the fact that they're sold as self catering is a joke, you definitely need to hire a fan (though where you would put it I've no idea), the towels & sheets are threadbare, there's no room to stow your suitcase (which you'll need to use as extra storage) without rearranging the room and then collecting multiple scrapes & bruises to knees & shins trying to negotiate round the room. As if that wasn't bad enough, the view from the balconies of the rooms at the back are of the 3 storey apartment block currently under construction right next door.