IL Gabbiano - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Chris & yvonne            

The Elvis look a like has now left the building. Yes he was big and some people did find him frightening but he did understand the words no thank you.
We ate at this restaurant a few times during the last 2 weeks we were there and have done several times over the last 11 years.
We have tried most of the starters and my favourite would be the sausage mixed with tomato and topped with melted cheese. Closely followed by the meat balls.
We found the chefs salad to have a much better ham and cheese topping than anywhere else we went.
The special pizza has a generous topping. My wife tells me that the swordfish is as good as any she has had on the island. The kleftiko melts as you eat it and the other Greek dishes are good as well.
I found the peppered fillet sauce a little sweet but the pepper corns were very hot.
The size of the steaks are not that big but this seems quite normal for Kef. Personally after doing nothing for most of the day I would not want a meal too large anyway.
The chicken and the pork all taste good. I think this could be because the meat is fresh, not frozen unlike some other places that we have eaten.
The Ice Cream is locally made and the cherry ice cream has large lumps of cherry in it ( Very Nice )
We have always found the service good and the staff very friendly and helpful.
The prices are good, they are cheaper than some of the other restaurants in Lassi.
I had a drink or two at the adjoining bar every night and noticed several people coming back to eat again. Some people ate there every night.
The bar has a childrens play area next to it, which is very handy for parents to have a couple of drinks whilst watching their children play.
We will be back again in September and will definitely use the place again.