Marietta Studios - (Accommodation in Skala)

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The Marietta appts don't seem to have changed an awful lot since the last posting last year. There is still no kettle in the room although it remains clean. Not quite sure to what extent the cleaners do, other than wash the floors, put out new towels and linen for the guests to make their own bed. However, the appts are nonetheless clean and the accomodation adequate and very basic, expected for Greece. Our only bug bear was that the cleaners aren't the quietest and given the flimsy front door, if you're fortunate enough to stay on the ground floor or one up in the early room numbers, then your greek language skills will no doubt improve as you can hear everything they say from 8am through to 10.30am. We mentioned this to rep who brought it to the attention of the hotel owners and this seemed to work....Initially...Thereafter we just gave up and bought some ear plugs and drank a few more el vinos. If you go this time of year, beware that your room is not near a birds nest...The noise from 4am is awful...Hence the need to earplugs.

Right that's the bad stuff out of the way. The pool was fantastic and the best part is over the other side where the morning is in the shade then you get the whole afternoon in the sun. There is none of this towel on beds first thing in the morning which is great. There are plenty of beds and a lot of room. The pool bar is nice and is run by friendly staff who always make time to say hello and talk to you. The menu is ok, food is good quality.
The location is about 5 minutes into the centre of skala which is great as it means you get to walk off your dinner before going to bed.
We would definately recommend this place to others (out of bird breeding season) as it's great location, clean and feel very secure and welcomed by the staff.
Skala town is a really nice to place to eat, and the restaurants are of good quality. The bars are also nice, though we did favour Sally's Garden Bar becuase it was friendly and the drinks seemed to be cheaper than elsewhere. Other places we went to were Captain's Bar. This was an interesting place, the cocktails were superb, though at 5 Euro a go was a little expensive to do every night, plus the music wasn't all that there.
Best pizza we had was in La Luna done on the sqaure. Even the takeaway pizzas were excellent. We had one really awful meal and that was in La Pitatha, also known as the Greek Taverna, just next door to a church in the high street. The staff did try to rectify it, though the second serving was just as bad. Perhaps we chose the wrong meal that night as it's always busy in their.
THe best beach has to be the Kamina beach for golden sand and gently shelving and it's right next door to the skala's beach give or take a 1hr 30min walk. We took a car there being lazy, but it was well worth the visit as are plenty of the other beaches.
We also went to eat in Katelios just 8km away, and this was great. Ate at the first restaurant and had a great meal.
Overall, a fab holiday, bit shattered but great. (oh, forgot to say, take money with you as there is one atm and was out of order for two weeks we were there!)