Panorama Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Erica W           

WOW!  Panorama Apartments! they were amazing!! the apartments were situated on the top of a hill.  But the hill really wasn't that bad! at least you had a minibus to take you up the hill with your cases! i must tell you that there is a short cut to get down the hill, it is much steeper but it gets you to the bottom quicker! also on the way down the hill there is a house that has got deer's they are so cute! the views from the apartments were amazing and even though we were close to the airport and could see the planes coming into land and it wasnt noisy!! while staying in kefalonia we went on two trips the 3 island trip! amazing i reccomend it to anyone! and also the island tour, that was great, even though it is a lot of travelling on the coach!! 

  At Panorama apartments there was a really cute horse called Billy! we would feed him carrots and lettuce in the day! he was cute!!   i really enjoyed my stay in Kefalonia and i would definately go back! Arthur was fab at the bar in panorama apartments! the rooms were always clean but the shower annoyed me but hey its Greece! but it was an amazing holiday!! Also there were NO MOSQUITOS when we went in August! it could be because they have eucalyptus trees!!
  im SAD to be back i want to go back!!