Aeolos Beach Aparthotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Steve L           

i read all the comments on this site before we left, and have to say i wonder if we were at the same location!
ok, the place was clean, and with the flowers, quite pretty, but it's a good 150 - 200 yds from the beach (up a concrete track)which i reckon only about 2 or 3 appartments would be able to see from there balconies as most face the side of a hill covered in scrub.
the beach is very coa**e sand/stones, and decends very steeply into the sea, with a rocky bottom - definately dodgy for small children. the sea is however much warmer than the swimming pool.
theres a big thompson hotel being constucted near by which looks like a better location (actualy on the beach road), but i reckon it will be a few years before skala reaches the aeolos beach hotel, so as others have mentioned you're in for a good 15 min walk each way into and out of skala (to eat out)unless you get a taxi. the journey should then take about 30 seconds judging by the speed they travel along the pitch black coastal road,!
our rep said that a proposed redevelopment of the coastal area (prominade?) was long overdue. i would agree, after touring the island and seeing sami for example, which is a picture. very reminiscent of lake garda in italy.
i wonder too why no-one has mentioned the cats at the hotel? we happen to like cats, but i think you might be upset by there presence if you weren't a feline friend.
as too the friendliness of the staff - well george the barman was, and the cleaning lady, but i got the impression that this was the end of the season and everyone else was waiting to get rid of us.
so, to sumarise. we liked kephalonia, and might possibly go there again - but not to skala, or the aeolos beach hotel.
best holiday we've ever had? hmmm............