Katelios Studios - (Accommodation in Katelios)

Lynn L           

My husband Chris and I, together with daughter and son in law visited this magical, beautiful island in September. I'm almost lost for words in what to say about this place and the people we met. The owners of the studios, Ari and Loula, along with their son George, were so friendly and helpful. Their bbq nights were brilliant! Gerasimos (he's 82, lives in the village and comes to the bbq every Wednesday) dances all night and is a real character.I even learned from Mandy (an expat)a Greek dance - she's a great teacher! The food is all home cooked and I noted in another website someone going on about Loula's cakes - they were right - her walnut cake is mouth-watering (I badgered her for the recipe!!)Go to the bakery - it's a definite MUST. Their goodies are out of this world and prices very reasonable. The people who own it are wonderful and we made great friends with them. So much so, that we popped in every night for a chat with the grandmother Doula, her granddaughter Mytro and her boyfriend Christos, which resulted in (a) Doula baking us a cake and (b) being invited one evening to their home for supper - Greek hospitality just knocks me out - can you just imagine that happening in this country - I don't think so!!! If you are looking for a peaceful, quiet holiday, this is the place for you, although everyone chats away to everyone else, so it's not a boring place by any means. We will definitely go back and after 8 Greek islands, this is the only one I have felt so strongly about. Don't hesitate - make that booking NOW !!!! I know you will have a wonderful time.