Casa de Blue Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Christopher C           

We visited here with our 18 year old daughter and despite showing our distaste to his lechery, the owner was undetered! He even extends this service on the beach, where he has most of the sunbeds for hire. Offering to apply suncream to our daughter, was not a service we required! We have visited many restaurants and have always had a good welcome, but this guy takes it a bit too far! His reputation with the locals is very bad and they all find his personality distasteful. It's a shame really, as the menu is quite extensive and the food quite good. I wonder what sort of greeting two guys would get?? On the other hand, The Lithero Restaurant by the harbour, was excellent in every detail and what a view, right on the sea, beautiful. Great service and excellent food! Highly recommended!!