Barbara Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Zita L           

We visited here at the beginning of September. I will admit I was very anxious about this accomodation considering previous comments. It took approx less than 10 mins from the airport which we felt was fine after travelling all morning. We were shown to the main Barabara Apartments with the most wonderful gardens & swimming pool perfect by far the bestset of apts in the area after some comparing. We were given a key to room 15 which I will say was the best by far it was on the 1st floor so no one banging around upstairs & it had a fab private balcony(nb: most of these apts do not have private balconies they r either shared or just chairs on the landing area) overlooking the mountains and a fab sea view amazing!! no one overlooking you I would reccommend if you can to ask for room 15. The beach was about 800m walk which I thought was fine not too busy nice and quiet there are a fews tavernas bars within in about that radius which are all fantastic amazing food.There is a shop next door but watch the prices its not that cheap best to take a 10 min walk up the hill 2 a cheaper supermarket.
If u want nightlife just get a taxi into Agostoli will be 10 euro but make sure you haggle with them!! Just one downside to these apts were that lets them down terribly is that they were not cleaned at all during our stay a a maid knocked on the door once to empty the main kitchen bin and hand me a new bag for the bathroom bin & some fresh towels thats it!!!!!!!
So my advice would be to pack some extra towels and be as tidy as poss when we cam back from the beach everyday we tnded to get sand everywhere that stayed in the room until we left as no one swept!!!!!!!!!!
All in all great Location, Apts, Room, Restuarants, Beach,Main Town Fab, etc
Cleanliness: Awful