Blue Horizon Hotel - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Alan B           

We have just spent a week at the blue Horizon and I feel that it does not really deserve Hotel status. It is really just apartments with a taverna on the ground floor. They do Bed & breakfast, and every breakfast is exactly the same....local bread, jam, orange / coffee / tea. English breakfast is extra. It is located very close to the runway, and air traffic is quite regular throughout the day. This did'nt bother me, because it was quite a novelty seeing aircraft that close. I found the staff pretty miserable by holiday standards. We had a good time, but on reflection, it was entirely down to the holidaymakers making the effort. The Hotel owner / barman was not proactive in attempting to organise events. A smile and attempt to ask how the day had been, would have helped.( Oh.... and don't offer him a drink....he accepted each occasion but did'nt return the gesture once ) A barbeque was arranged for the Thursday, but the owner cancelled it because of allegedly insufficient numbers. Drinks are quite expensive in the bar. The rooms are quite small, and overstocked with furniture....and after a couple of days you get sick of stubbing toes & knocking shins. The balconies are equally small.There was'nt any air conditioning in our room, but they rented me a fan for something close to 12 for the week The pool is'nt large, but in fairness it isnt small either. The floor drops away quite steeply, and its not a gradual slope from the shallow to deep end. I had a week there & it was enough