Porto Skala Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Stephen B           

hotel was ok, food was a bit same every other night but it was edable & it filled us up. staff were generally friendly. rooms were nice bathrooms were good standard, nice balcony. beds were very comfy slept well every night. 40 mins walk from main town. get a cab 4 euros. but! if you go for a drink into the main town of skala beware that the cabs stop at 23:30/00:00 so dont stay out to late like we did and had to walk back in the pitch black!!!! naerly fell down a hole or 2, and it took about an hour in the dark, honestly it was a nightmare!
another main thing with this hotel is that you cant use real currency! whats happens is when you get there you have to change euros into a sort of monopoly money called porto scala money. its a nightmare at first but it isnt that difficult to work out. i will say that i dont understand why thay use this way of paying for things, but i will add that i will not go back to this hotel because of this, so they are losing customers by promoting this way of paying for things. bar was abit poor as well, no atmosphere and badly stocked. entertainment was poor as well. still kephelonia is a nice island so you only really use your hotel as a base and go exploring there is so much to see you could stay for a month!
have fun, but although it was an ok hotel i wouldnt go back there. oh yes its very clean and kephelonia toilets are sooooo clean & modern (once you get over the fact that you have to put toilet paper in a bin, even s**t covered paper!!!)