Barbara Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Andy M           

We have just returned from Barbara 2 which is next to the original Barbara apartments. They have only just been built and not quite completed. After reading the comments on this website we opted for the Barbara apartments and were allocated 'Barbara 2, next door. Our experience was actually quite negative. The rooms on the ground level of Babs 2 have no view whatsoever, only wasteland. It was also very quiet this year ( the locals blame it on the Euro) and you felt isolated in this particular area. There was little to no atmosphere in the immediate vacinity. If you want to have a drink anywhere with a little atmosphere close by, you must get a taxi to the nearest place, Lassi or Argostoli 10-15 each way. This can work out quite expensive. Otherwise you need a hire car.Our room was cleaned once over the week which was pretty disgusting.There was a dog which barked during the night every night close to our apartment which woke me up regularly. Our biggest disappointment though, after reading other reviews on this site, was the attitude of the owner, Barbara, during our stay. We had little contact with her during our stay but when we did see her she was NOT very friendly. On the day we left, we had to check out at 10am. The maid barged into our room at 09:55 and dumped fresh towels and sheets for the next guests staying in the room. We left the room at 10 am and bumped into Barbara on the stairs. She shouted at my wife as she was coming down the stairs with her suitcase. We thought she was saying to wait while she helped her with her bag on the stairs. I was carrying my own bag at this stage(the suitcase was heavy and banged on 3 or 4 stairs) But she actually became very aggresive and jesticulated ,saying that her new stone steps would be damaged by the suitcase. Even after i apologised she was very miserable and muttered some comments to some greek guests and looked in the other direction. The experience left a very sour taste to our holiday. Our impression was that she was friendly if you spent money in her pool bar, which we did not. As we were leaving, her true side came out and she was very rude. Basically, Barbara 1 has a handful of nice rooms with excellent views. If you are not luck enough to get these, you WILL be disappointed.