San Giorgio Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Rhys K           

We stayed at the San Giorgio in Skala from 26-07-04 to 02-08-04. I would definitely recommend the SG to anyone who likes the quiet life. Skala is a GOOD 40 minute walk as mentioned in previous comments and the Taxi service is unpredictable to say the least. Look out for the Taxi driver whose only words of english are "Please close the doors gently" because he's a rip off merchant !. Also on the topic of taxis, be aware that they finish at midnight or 1am. This we found out while looking to go back to the San Giorgio after one too many cocktails in Cafe Veto about 2:30 am. Your holiday Rep probably won't give you this very important info as all they want to do is sell you overpriced boat trips and such like !!

As mentioned in previous posts, the Hotel is superb. The rooms are kept spotlessly clean and the service from the staff around the complex is excellent.

Skala village is fairly quiet. I don't think there are any nite clubs as such, but Cafe Veto can be nice and lively. Neros bar up from the Kiosk is an excellent bar to chill out in. Totally different atmosphere and decor to any other bar you would see in Greece. Staff are really good and friendly. Well worth a visit !!

Restaurants are nice and reasonable. about 40 euro for a meal for 2 and a bottle of wine. Best ones I visited and can still remember the names were "Flamingo", "Ta Pitharia" (excellent greek restaurant).

The only bad thing I found about the Hotel was the fact its a bit too far to walk to the beach in the midday sun. There are some nice coves nearby, but if you like the beach, it can be a bit hard to motivate yourself for the walk there and back each day. In saying that though, we were there during the high temperature month.

Hope this info helps as I read the posts before I went and they were all fairly accurate.