Galini Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Rob B           

First off, Kefalonia is a beautiful island but very hilly so a car is a must, even if you intend on staying in Lassis for the full fortnight. The Gallini apartments are ok. The front 6 apartments overlooking the sea are big and spacious, if a little old, and are much better than the side apartments. We asked the rep about using the lassi pool and she basically said that if you ask them they will say no, but if you don't ask them then they won't know !!. I'm not sure which hill the people from earlier on this page are referring to when they say it isn't too bad but i'd have to disagree ! I'm a healthy 28 yeard old and trust me - that hill is a killer ! We struggled with it for a week and then gave up and hired a car (the hill is a doddle in a car!) Also, the best beach in Lassi is long Beach but takes approx 20 - 30 minutes to walk to so I'd really suggest hiring a car, the roads are virutally empty - not like England !
Overall - a half decent accomodation, in a nice place on a beautiful island.
PS - On a side note, on our last few days at the gallini the owner came and informed us that Golden sun hadn't paid any money to any apartments in Kefalonia since last year and they had heard rumours that they may be going under. A note went up on our last daying informing the newly arriving guests that they couldn't stay at the gallini until golden sun had paid them so I think we may well be the last people to stay here under golden sun.