Renieri Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Michaela L           

Just arrived back from Skala we have been before. The Renieri Apartments however leave alot to be desired, if you have time to change your booking then I really suggest that you try to.

We were in Room 30, I had to bleach the place out before I would let my daughter take a shower, the white plastic furniture including the plastic toilet seat had been painted over, not nice, I again had to clean before using. YUK.

Sheets were changed once in 2 weeks, Towels when they were changed were dirty and stained, we used our beach towels instead.

When the Kitchen sink emptied the Bubbles came up the hole in the Bathroom floor, if you could call it a bathroom. The floor was constently swimming in water. Not good if you have young children.

Plus the Owners dog slept all day and barked all night and I mean all night, straight under the bedroom window.

When you go to Greece you expect basic, as long as the place is clean. This was not, god knows what it will be like end of the season if this was just the start.