Hercules Studios - (Accommodation in Katelios)


Hi Gary, I was the rep in Katelios for Manos last year. Hercules is a very small accomadation, having only 6 or 7 rooms (if I remember rightly) all on the first floor, it is family owned (the family live on the second floor above the rooms and the accomadation is actually named after Kirios Herakles who is the aged father of the acting managers: twin brothers Giorgos and Dimitris, and you might see him playing backgammon with his friends on the porch). It is quiet apart from noise from the next door tavernas which only a few very noise-sensitive people found a problem last summer. It is well located, is is separated from the beach only by a small street and the small outdoor Hercules beach bar, and is next-door to a number of excellent Tavernas which stretch all the way up the Katelios front street. The rooms are very basic, which is typical of Kefalonia, but comfortable and clean. There is no air conditioning, but the mini-markets do hire out fans at a reasonable price. The cooking facilities supplied are again basic and can be used for storing food and preparing light snacks but very little else, however katelios has wonderful tavernas and restaurants (the best I felt in the whole of Kefalonia) and it is really worth making the most of that whilst you are there. Katelios is a lovely village and I lived just down the road in a very basic accomadation with very few facilities, but being by nature quiet and studious (and perhaps not at all suited to repping) I loved the village and people and enjoyed the quiet and (very) slow-paced lifestyle very much. It might not be the most modern and efficient of places but it is one of the few holiday resorts in Greece that you can experience a taste of real Greek life, so enjoy!