Olive Grove Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Yvonne F           

I think you will find that the Olive Grove Apartments are exclusive to First Choice Holidays. We were there the 1st week in May and had mixed weather and plenty of wind which was a night mare for the guys on the beaches who were trying to be cleaned up and open for the next week. The beaches were covered in seaweed and the sea at Agostoli was so rough that the ferry stopped and rubble was thrown out of the sea over the road. However, it was a great holiday with wild flowers, oranges & lemons in full flight and being back in Kefalonia after 7 years was terrific. We met an English couple who keep the Health place in the Village. (Where you turn left to the supermarket turn right and they are just up there on the left - there is a sign at the crossroads pointing to them). They have plenty to offer Indian Head Massage etc. etc. We thought the best place to eat was Porto Helis. Go by the supermarket and quite a way down you will see another supermarket which is a complex. The Restaurant is there (you can hire push bikes as well). The veg. isn't quite as good as some of the other Restaurants (Dum Peros) but the lamb chops are especially good and you get at least 5.

Watch the First Choice deal for car hire. They advertise an A class car for E 60 (or it may have been 80 - can't quite remember) for 3 days but when it was delivered we were charged E115. The rep was going to take it up but never got round to it so we told her to get a refund and buy the reps a drink.

Anyways the Olive Grove is a lovely place to stay. It is spotless and the pools are beautiful - look out for the crab at night! Staff are really friendly as well.

Don't forget get out and about and explore either by car, push bikes or foot. It's pretty flat around the area so push bikes are a great way of getting around.

Fingers crossed for the lotery so that we can get back there as soon as poss.

Have a great time all of you that are off soon - we are jealous.