Yellow House Studios - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Tessa M           

Angela - the White and Yellow House Apts are approx 5 mins walk (if that) from each other. The White House is just behind the supermarket on the main strip and to get to the Yellow House you turn right at the end of the lane and walk a further 100 metres. (This will all make sense when you get there!)We stayed at the Yellow House which was great - we really rated it. As for views, I can't vouch for the White House or upstairs at the Yellow. We were on the ground floor so no stunning views for us, but the lane is pretty - lots of flowers and trees. The beach is near for you both as is the Malibu pool which I can highly recommend - they do nice lunchtime snacks as well. Lassi is great for eating and drinking but if you want to take in some fantastic scenery, get a car and go exploring (mind the goats though!) We loved Kefalonia - I've just got back from St Lucia and the scenery in Kefalonia easily matched that. Have a great time! Tess.