Tara Beach Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Heather G           

We have recently returned fronm 2 weeks holiday booked through Argo at the Tara Beach Hotel.
The position is great and close to all amenities, the staff are courteous and friendly, the gardens well maintained and the pool although cool was warming up nicely. However the food was mediocre and quite pricey! Our main complaint was the room - dark north facing and catching no sun - great in high summer perhaps but not in May! The room ws cold and musty smelling and the bed felt decididly damp. We had to leave the terrace doors open even when we left the room to air it for the next visitors. No effort was made by management even after out complaint to improve the situation for us although new mattresses were put in about 1/2 hour after we vacated and waited for the pick up coach.