Svoronata - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Ashley A           

We have just come back from a week long stay in the Sunrise village appartments.Weather was glorious, just a bit windy in the afternoons.May is a good month to go as it is very quiet.Accomodation was not that special, walls paper thin fixtures & fittings very substandard.Pool was nice though, very clean!We were 2 minutes from the airport, last plane about 10pm, quite noisy if you have younguns like we do, trying to sleep.Average 6 planes a day, more on sun & tues, surrounding area not that attractive. On the whole the island is very pretty, you need a car! Friskado is a must, just beautiful wish we'd stayed there.Stray animals weren't a problem, actually I found them very polite.One last thing, don't let your kids wander round the touristy shops as the pictures on their cards, calenders, keyrings etc are very pornagraphic ( quite puke inducing!)