May - (Best Time to Visit)

Gemma W           

Hi everyone i just wanted to say that Lassi is a beautiful place to stay and i have been there 7 times and gone for 2 weeks. Lassi has bad roads and there not very safe but that doesn't matter just enjoy what you haven't seen already. In some areas of Lassi, Argostoli is not far and it has beautiful night life. The restuarants are good, the best one i think is Ionio because the staff are lovely and the food is always great and we have a friend their called Lambros, he is greek and really friendly to me and my brother and always gives us a sparkler in our ice-creams. There is a brilliant beach near Lassi called Platis-Gialos and it is really cool and the sun-bed man called Yannie is really friendly too. There is a castle called ST.Georgio's castle and their is an english lady who works and lives with her family in the castle and she is our friend to but i can't remember her name.The weather is always hot when we go but it did rain once and that was on the last day(thank the lord). So, people who haven't been check this page out and read mine and everyone else's wonderful comments about Lassi. Trust me you will want to go.