Katelios Studios - (Accommodation in Katelios)

Cathie J           

My husband Les (who really didn't want to come to Kefalonia and arrived on sufferance just to keep the peace!! 7 years ago) & I made our first of 4 visits over a period of 6 years need I say more, I will, this is the only place that we ever returned to again and again each time wishing were were staying just a little bit longer. The locals became our friends and it is good to return and be greeted by name even after a 2 year break made it the happiest holidays that we have ever enjoyed. Les had been suffering ill health for the last 4 years but even though it was quite a long journey for him he still wanted to go back to see his old friend Arry to enjoy his tales and to walk around the village of Katelio and to visit other seaside towns in our hire car, the views across the island are spectacular and everyone welcomes you with friendly courtesy. Sadly this year I will be returning without Les, he passed away January but I am bringing his eldest son to Katelio as he has been courious to know just what the attraction was that caused us to want to return again & again. Perhaps Les is chatting to Jimmy on a parralel plain (anyone who had been going to Katelios would have known this super man, he was the one with natural air conditioning bar on the front near the funny little harbour) he has also gone now a few years ago, I hope whoever takes/has taken the bar over will try to keep it's quaint old way. But like anywhere else Katelios is growing and younger owners are taking over, but so far the village has remained quiet and slow paced. Arry & Loula I can't wait to see you again. Cathie