Yasatis Studios - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Danielle S           

The studios are a long walk all up hill to the nearest shop, a good half hour walk if you are not the fittest of people. The apartments are basic with no kettle. Our sheets were not changed once during our holiday and looked as if the last holidaymakers had slept in them too. The room obviously was't cleaned before we arrived as the last couples hairbrush, old magazines hairbands etc were still lying around the apartment. The matress was paper thin, and if you are over 8 stone forget about getting a good nights sleep, the beds are the narrowest ive ever slept in and I've stayed in some dive's. However it was the best holiday i've ever been on! Kefalonia is lovely. All rooms have a sea view and the garden is lovely. There is a go cart track directly oppersite the apartments which was closed when we were there in September 2003 so can't comment on what it would be like during high season. You really do need to hire a car.